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Attention Passionate Authors and Storytellers!

Are you wrestling with the dream of your name gracing the spine of incredible novels, but feel lost in the storm of competition? Is the yearning to turn your love for writing into a thriving career leaving you restless? If this stirs your heart, you've just embarked on a transformative journey.

The vast ocean of literature is brimming with readers, their hearts aching for captivating stories. You, the author, have the power to soothe their longing with your words. Navigating the path to success can feel like walking through a fog, especially if you're at the dawn of your journey or struggling to find your rhythm. This is where our empathetic and transformative writing course comes in.

Our course is your lighthouse, guiding you through the fog with the same methods used by celebrated authors. From creating characters that readers will hold dear, to developing your unique voice that will echo in their hearts, our course offers a holistic approach to your writing ambitions.

However, the heart of our course lies in its power to dissolve the barriers of self-doubt that often besiege writers. Self-doubt, the unseen foe, whispers fears like "I'm not talented enough," or "My work will go unnoticed." These, however, are mere shadows that dim your inner brilliance.

Our course acts as a beacon of hope to such self-inflicted constraints. You will foster the confidence and resilience needed to shine brightly in your writing journey.

This is your opportunity to:

*Unmask and vanquish self-doubt

*Foster a harmonious writing routine

*Set heartfelt goals and hold yourself accountable

*Connect deeply with your readers and nurture a loyal fan base

But don't simply rely on our promises. Consider the snapshot below, sourced directly from Amazon. This is the testimony of authors who bravely stepped into the spotlight and shared their work. In a single month, Amazon distributed over $44 million to these courageous authors. Imagine the heights you could soar to by sharing your unique stories with the world!

We understand that building a career from your passion for writing can be a monumental task. You may be facing a myriad of challenges, from fleeting time to elusive inspiration. Yet, waiting for the perfect moment can turn into an endless wait. Each day you defer your dreams is a day not spent basking in the joy of success.

So, we urge you to listen to your heart today. Enroll in our course and begin the journey towards the writing career you've always dreamed of. With our course, you'll gain access to a treasure trove of resources - from digestible lessons and inspiring writing prompts to a supportive network of fellow dreamers. Your story is yearning to be told. Let's embark on this heartening journey together.

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Now, I'm not promising you'll become a millionaire overnight just by buying this course. But what I am promising is that you'll never know what you're capable of if you don't take the leap and invest in yourself. This course is the first step on your journey to success, whether you're looking to publish on Amazon or get signed by a traditional publishing house.

So what are you waiting for? Click the button below to get started. Don't let self-doubt hold you back any longer. The world is waiting for your words, and with this course, you have everything you need to make them a reality.

Writing a book from scratch is hard, and if you’re just beginning, it’s even more so.

There are lots of different opinions on where to start, whom to emulate and what formulas work best.

But very few people talk about and explain the basics of writing that you must have in order to craft a good book.

I’m talking about:
● Plot outline and development      

● Conflict      

● Character development      

● Speaking voice      

● Writing style      

● A good first chapter      

● A middle that connects      

● Grammar      

● And finally, having the discipline and focus to put it all


In the "Plotting Your Way to Success" Novel Starter Kit that you will receive from us, we teach you the basics so that you can get started writing right away. Even if you’re an established writer, this set can possibly give you that one idea that gets you started and working on the next great novel.

Whenever you feel stuck, all you have to do is just thumb through this whopping 30-page pdf e-book or listen to the included MP3 digital files. When you’re done, you may have at least one idea on how to make your plot stronger, your characters more fleshed-out and your writing more fluid and connected.

Don’t Take My Word For It

In Addition To All Of This, You'll Discover:

        ● How to turn a sentence into a plot…pg. 4

       ● The formula one major romance publisher uses to craft a great plot (they won’t publish the book unless the story has this element)…pg. 5

        ● Questions that stage actors use before they get into character (great for            sketching a character outline)…pg. 8

        ● The one thing you must get right if you have a hero/quest story (people who haven’t            written a word in their life will shout at you if you get this wrong)…pg. 10

        ● The writing voice to use if you want to write a modern literary novel…pg. 15

        ● How to make the transition from scene to scene fluid (great if you don’t want to write too much) … pg. 16

        ● A method to determine what your writing style is … pg. 17

        ● A method to spot where your writing is weak (and how to improve it) … pg. 17

        ● How to write less and say more … pg. 18

        ● When to use past and present tense (and which books mix them successfully)…pg. 19
        ● The grammar mistake that newspapers and even accomplished writers still            commit. You’ll want to avoid making this mistake at all costs … pg. 21

        ● How to write a strong first paragraph. (Get this wrong and readers will throw your book in the garbage bin)… pg. 23

        ● How to turn even a thin idea into something you can use in a short story… pg. 24

        ● The real scientific explanation for why you suffer from writer’s block. (It’s not as         complicated as you think)…pg. 25

        ● An old-fashioned exercise which dissolves writer’s block and one weird tip            you can do at home to unlock your creativity…pg. 26

        ● How “The Terminator” can help you write the middle of a story (and how to avoid a           mistake many modern action movies make)…pg. 27

        ● A writing exercise to get yourself unstuck when writing the middle section           (80% of writers get stuck while writing this part)…pg. 27

And much more.

All you have to do to get your "Plotting Your Way to Success" Novel Starter Kit is to click the button below and enter your details. The e-book and digital MP3 audio files are just $7.95

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Here’s one more reason to act now: 

These kits actually cost us money out of our own pocket to manufacture, and the truth is, we’re actually losing money on this offer.

The only thing we’re asking you is to pay the small digital delivery fee so that we don’t go completely
in the red. 

What you get is a short, to the point toolkit that helps you get started with writing, no matter if it’s your first book or your tenth one.

Keeping this e-book and digital MP3 audio files around you is both a reminder of your goal to write a great book as well as an aid to doing so.

If you’re serious about starting your writing career, the small digital delivery fee won’t deter you from your goal. All you have to do is to click the button below and enter your information.

Finally Learn How to Write Like You've

Never Written Before!

  • Finally Focus & Finish - Helps you to get going by giving you the tools you need to get focused, organized, and past that difficult opening line(or rounding out the end).

  • Start to Finish - The "Plotting Your Way to Success" Novel Starter Kits will guide you through any creative obstacle and put you on the path to developing original quality material that people will enjoy reading from beginning to end.

  • No Matter What's Holding You Back - The information shared within this starter kit will help you to get past it and on your way to completing and finally publishing your book, even if it has been decades in the making for you... Its time to finally get your book completed and the information on this $7.95 toolkit will guide you through the entire process step-by-step

  • Think you are too busy? Even if you have a spouse, kids, a job, and pets. The world is ready to hear your story, this toolkit will help you to make that happen..

  • Fact & Fiction Friendly - A must-have for any writer, no matter your genre or topic, this toolkit is the perfect first step on the path to literary greatness!

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Once you go over your Plotting Your Way to Success kit, I would love to know what you think about it.

If you can, please send me an email at:

I would so appreciate it. Thank you,  

Olivia Grace Novel Specialist -

P.S. This is a whopping 30-page pdf, e-book and digital MP3 audio file set that covers all the basics you need to know (plot and character development, conflict, writing styles, speaking voice, how to write a middle that connects) so that you can begin writing a great book in no time at all.

In addition to that, you get a number of writing prompts which stimulate your writing and creative muscles to get yourself going whenever you feel stuck.

Need help? Have a Question? Suggestion?Feel free to reach out to us by sending anemail to Support @ WritersLife.orgor by giving us a call at 1-919-521-8981  Monday - Friday from 10am to 8pm Eastern U.S.A. 

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